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About Cathleen Rainey

A native of Arizona, I came late to drawing and painting. I was inspired initially by the pen, ink and watercolor work of 19th century illustrators I encountered while I was in high school.  After majoring in Art at Arizona State University broadened my scope, I painted at the Rose Kelton Studio and now continue to paint with the Chaparral Studio Artists, on location, and in my studio. 


As a past board member of Scottsdale Artist League and the Director of Community Outreach for the Arizona Art Alliance, I have had the wonderful opportunity to share my passion for art with my community.  The nature of painting is trying to share an artist’s vision with others, and by volunteering, I was able to share not only my vision, but help to open other’s eyes to the wonders of art.


I have been fortunate to win many awards and my paintings hang in corporate and private collections throughout the country.


Outside of art, I travel, eat, cook, enjoy my friends, and live my life with as much love and authenticity as I can.

Quito, Ecuador

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