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Works in Process

I thought it might be interesting to see how I create a painting in my studio, (as opposed to when I paint on location or plein air).  Usually, I start with a photo I have taken which I manipulate on my computer to find a composition that speaks to me.  Here is the process of three paintings I have been working on.


The first one is finished.  View of the Bradshaws and Galapagos Palm are on-going.

Original photo of the view from the El Panicilla, Quito, Ecuador, on the left and an enhanced version on the right.

After drawing the image on the canvas with thinned paint, I start laying in the color.

Finished Painting.

View From El Panecillo, Quito, Ecuador

This painting "View from the Bradshaws" is giving me fits.  Sometimes paintings just flow, sometimes you rework and rework them!  Here is how it is developing so far.

The image.

Getting the image on the canvas.

The painting so far.  Needs work on clouds and foreground.

Galapagos Palms has been a very fun painting to work on.  Still in process, at the detailed phase.  Hope to have it finished soon.

Original photo on the left, enhanced and cropped photo on the right.

Getting the image on the canvas and getting the values correct before adding the fun stuff.... paint!!!!

Galapagos Palms, to date.

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